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Preparation is the key to doing a good job. The roofing contractors you invite over to your home need to find you prepared and ready for them. Preparation should take place way before the contractors show up at your home. Some roof jobs take more time compared to others. The key to finishing the job in good time is making it easier for the contractors to do their work well. Therefore, know what to expect from the roofers. Fortunately, this is not as hard as it seems. The four things you ought to know before roofing contractors arrive are:

Contractors Need Total Access to the Driveway

Giving the contractors complete and unhindered access to the driveway is highly advised. This ensures they have nothing blocking their path. They need the entire area to store some of their stuff. Without such access, the contractors would have to travel far and move around a lot trying to access their equipment and other roofing materials. This form of preparation ensures the contractors work efficiently and in a more organized manner. They need your driveway, and probably the neighbor’s too, to park their cars. They also need this additional space for storing:

  1. Pallets of shingles
  2. Boxes of nails

Protect Everything in the Attic

The items that are in the attic need proper covering. It is common for some homeowners to use the attic as storage for some valuable items. Obtain some tarps and old sheets. Use them to cover the attic properly. This is crucial to protect your valuables from the dirt emanating from the work your contractors are carrying out on the roof. Tarps and old sheets are effective at protecting the valuables against debris, dust, and dirt. Before the contractors turn up to begin working, look for and remove all the fragile items from the attic too. Keep fragile items in a different room.

Be Ready for Noise

Noise is a common feature of sites where some roofing, remodeling or construction work is being done. Noise will mostly be from hammers and nail guns. The contractors speaking among themselves will create more noise too. It is hard to work on the roof without creating noise. The only roofing work that is as noiseless as a baby sleeping is an inspection. The fact that workers will be walking atop the roof means more noise. Due to the noise, you have to make arrangements for the kids, so they sleep peacefully at night. Inform your neighbors so they know to expect noise.

Limited to No Access to the Backyard

Lack of access to the backyard is worth considering too. This happens when contractors scatter debris all over the path leading to the backyard. The front yard too might remain inaccessible for some time. Learn to expect these situations until the contractors finish their work. Contractors cannot keep going up and down the roof. They will drop the damaged shingles down. They pick the debris up at the end of the day. Stay away from the backyard or the site where the contractors are working. Make new arrangements in case the yard has something you wish to access.

As long as you know what to expect, the time contractors spend on your property will fly by quickly. Know what to expect and plan for it all accordingly. What is worth remembering is the need for giving contractors complete access to the driveway; covering all valuables stored in the attic; being ready for some noise, and residing in a property where access to the yard is limited. Let everybody on the property know there will be a bit of inconvenience until the contractors finish their work. Ask the roofers to explain more to help you be ready for changes.

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