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Roofing Company in Oklahoma City

When the roof begins developing problems, one of the issues a homeowner has to find ways of solving is hiring a quality roofing company. The industry is full of all types of roofing companies or contractors. This makes it harder to choose. Fortunately, any person can learn to choose. This process revolves around knowing and identifying the qualities that separate the best roofing companies from the rest.

The following are the top 10 things to look for in a quality roofing company:

Local Ownership and Operation

First, check if the company is locally owned. Confirm from various sources if the company you wish to hire is locally operated. Many companies are locally owned but not operated. Others are locally operated but not locally owned. A good company worth hiring is one that has both. A locally owned and operated company has the licenses required to provide roofing services in your city or neighborhood. Its roofers understand local roofing problems better.

Proper Licensing

In addition to being locally owned and operated, the best roofing company is licensed to operate in the state. Licensing proves the company has met and surpassed the requirements needed for it to provide such services locally. In some states, licensing is not mandatory. If it is in your city or state, do not hire a company that lacks the necessary licenses. Licensing is a good marker of authentic services that you do not have to doubt.


Experience is an important quality in any reputable roofing company. The best companies are full of experienced individuals. It is not enough to look at the number of years the company has operated. More important is the need for considering the experience of each roofer employed or working for the roofing company. An experienced company might be full of roofers who have not worked in the industry more than a year; thus incapable of providing quality services.


Warranties are mandatory in this industry. In fact, any roofing company that does not offer warranties is not worth hiring. It is not worth your time or financial resources. Warranties give you peace of mind. They reassure you that the roofing company will take care of you in case the newly installed, inspected, repaired or replaced roof develops fresh problems. A one year warranty is pretty common in the industry.

Materials and Suppliers

Look at the materials the company uses. A good company is one using material from the best-known brands in the roofing industry. Some of the leading brands, whose products are worth using include GAF and Owens Corning. Therefore, ask each company you desire to hire to provide you with a list of its preferred suppliers. Confirm the status with the suppliers before hiring the company to work on your property – if possible.

Relationship with Insurance Specialists

It is important to hire companies that have a solid relationship with insurance companies. You need the insurance company’s assistance in case of emergencies such as storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes, which often destroy roofs. Apart from that, the roofer might fall and hurt himself or destroy the roof/building while repairing or replacing it. In such situations, you need the insurer on your side. Therefore, look for a roofer with excellent relations with insurance firms.

Validity of Insurance Cover

Check if the roofing company has valid insurance. More importantly, confirm that the roofer is able to handle or push through the insurance claims you file. Proper and valid insurance should include general liability insurance worth around $1 million. Obviously, the value of the insurance policy depends on various factors. Nevertheless, confirm that it is sufficient in case problems arise while the roofer serves you.

Right Roofing and Contractor Skills

A good roofer should have the right skills needed for the job. Hiring a roofer to install a new roof over your house only to discover that he lacks the skills needed to do the work is not funny. A good roofer is also a good contractor. He has the necessary contractor skills. The best roofing companies work closely with other contractors too. Therefore, hire one with the right set of skills to avoid disappointment.

List of References

A good roofing company is unafraid to provide the list of references you need. This list helps you to know whether the roofer is worth trusting with the project you have in mind or not. Some roofers are not worth the hassle, as you might confirm from this list of references. Apart from contacting the references the company gives you, check with other reputable bodies such as the Better Business Bureau too.


Lastly, check and ascertain the roofing company’s trustworthiness. Some roofers are more trustworthy compared to others. The company’s trustworthiness can only be determined by speaking with other customers. Proving the roofer’s trustworthiness – or lack thereof – can also be a matter of trusting your gut feeling. Therefore, ask for proof and collect as much information as you can about the roofers. Afterward, listen to your inner voice.


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