preparing your roof for spring in Oklahoma City

Springtime is around the corner, thus forcing you to begin wondering about the steps you can take to be ready for the new season. One area that needs a lot of attention is your house – specifically the roof. After winter comes spring. A new season requires making new plans and preparing well for what is ahead. The roof needs new attention to make it capable of withstanding the pressures presented by a fresh season. Spring is a time of unpredictable weather highlighted by some much sought after sunshine, spring showers, and high winds.

Here are four tips for preparing the roof for spring.

Inspect and Clean the Gutters

Inspecting and cleaning the gutters should be on top of your list of priorities. Winter might cause the gutters to be clogged a bit, especially if snow fell uncontrollably during the season. Clogged gutters are a huge risk to the roof. Therefore, prepare for spring by inspecting the gutters. Depending on the results of the inspection, your next task should be cleaning the gutters to unclog them. Gutters need unclogging, so they are able to drain water properly. While cleaning the gutters, you should focus on doing the following:

  1. Removing all debris
  2. Flushing the remaining residue out
  3. Checking for leaks and cracks

Inspect and Clean the Roof

The next task is inspecting and cleaning the entire roof. It is impossible for anybody – including roofing experts – to inspect the roof if it is covered in all manner of debris. Therefore, clean it first before carrying out any inspection. A clean roof is easier to inspect. Once the debris is off the roof, inspect it for loose, damaged or missing shingles. Check the roof for sagging parts. Check it too for algae, moss, fungus and rust as these signs often indicate damages that need a professional roofer to fix. Nothing you see on the roof is a small problem. Fix it all quickly.

Inspect and Work on the Attic

The attic too needs thorough inspection. It is worth pointing out the fact that some roof problems are impossible to notice from the outside. Therefore, inspect the roof from the inside, especially in the attic. Inspecting the attic will show you whether the roof has developed problems such as streaking and wet insulation. Moreover, it indicates whether the roof has begun showing signs of yellow painting. This information is critical in proving if the roof is leaking. It helps you put the necessary measures in place to fix the leak or stop it from arising in the first place.

Cut and Trim Overhanging Branches

Overhanging branches need trimming. Do not allow branches to hang too close to the roof. Trim and cut them regularly. During spring, such branches are capable of breaking off and landing on the roof; thus causing extensive damages. Fallen branches can damage the shingles irreparably thus forcing you to spend money on costly replacements. It costs money to buy new shingles and hire a roofer to replace them. After trimming and cutting the overhanging branches, you ought to inspect the roof to see if they had already caused much damage.

As shown above, preparing the roof for spring is not rocket science. It is not even a costly endeavor that will leave you reeling in financial losses. Some of these measures, such as inspecting the roof, cost almost nothing if you do them yourself. Spring is the best time for fixing problems you see on the roof. The temperatures are not extreme, thus presenting the right conditions for any roofing work you plan to do. Hire an expert roofer to do all these for you in case you feel unequipped for inspecting or preparing the roof for the new spring season.

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