roof repair tips for your home

The roof is one of the most important parts and features of any good building. It completes the buildings. It provides the cover and protection needed on top of buildings. It takes a hefty amount of money to install, repair, replace and keep in good condition through regular maintenance.

All types of roofs need regular inspection too. The homeowner can inspect it or hire somebody with more experience, better training and skills than him to do the inspection. More importantly, the roof suffers damages from time to time. When this happens, the best course of action you can take is hiring a roofer to offer some roof repair.

The following are the ten quick tips about roof repair you ought to discover.

Value Safety

Your first thoughts should be on safety. Roof repairs are full of risks and dangers. They are risky to everybody, which includes the roofer and the inhabitants of the home. Furthermore, the person hired to do the repairs must choose when to work. For example, going up a roof that is covered in snow to see the source of the leak is not a safe idea.

Take Necessary Precautions

Do not climb the roof to do any work if you are not cautious. Take all the appropriate precautionary measures. For example, wearing rubber-soled shoes is necessary if you are to work on the roof where the likelihood of slipping and suffering a serious injury is quite high. Do not forget to use a harness or work with a friend to provide the extra protection and help.

Spraying the Roof

Spraying the roof is crucial to finding the leak quickly. Therefore, carry a garden hose with you to the roof. While there, spray water on various parts of the roof. Nonetheless, this will only prove effective during summer when the temperatures are rather warm. It’s a bad idea – and quite unsafe too – to spray the roof with water in winter when temperatures are quite low.

Clean the Gutters

Keeping the gutters clean is a major factor in roof repairs. A clogged gutter is one of the most common causes of roof leaks. Unclogging it should be on top of your list of priorities. Clogged gutters are notorious for causing a buildup of water. This happens almost every time there is a serious downpour. Check the gutters and clean them after each downpour.

Keep the Roof Safe from Dry Rotting

Dry rot is worth avoiding at all costs. It often arises because of lack of proper ventilation. It occurs when the plywood on the roof deteriorates – which is a common phenomenon whenever you repair the roof right at the center. Its effects include sagging roofs. The shingles too begin cracking, curling, growing more brittle and this eventually leads to a leak.

Prevent Ice from Building Up

Preventing ice from building up on the roof is mandatory. It is a requirement especially during winter when snowstorms are as obvious as the sea being blue. Check the areas under the roof membrane, shingles and gutters for the buildup of ice. This buildup is capable of creating what is known as internal drip, which you can resolve by:

  1. Installing drip ridge
  2. Installing ice shields
  3. Installing rain shields
  4. Installing proper ventilation

Focus on the Roof Boots

The roof boots deserve some attention too. The part of the roof that is most likely to experience a leak is the skylight. However, installing some rubber boots around the skylights is likely to help improve the situation considerably. Visit any local hardware store to look at its rubber roof boots and see if there are any worth buying.

Inspect and Evaluate Roofing Materials

All roofing materials you – or the roofer – intend to use during roof repairs need proper inspection and evaluation. No matter how effectively you nail the shingles down, they will begin cracking when faulty. Therefore, check them for faults as regularly as you can. Faulty and improper installation of shingles is one of the main causes of roof leaks.

Check the Roof Valleys

Do not ignore the roof valleys. This part of the roof is likely to experience leaks more than any other; thus worth thorough inspection too. It deserves inspecting and plenty of attention when repairing the roof because of its propensity to accumulate water more compared to other parts. If you do not fix the valleys, expect them to start sloshing soon.

Eliminating Leaks

Eliminating leaks should be the main goal of any roof repair work. It might never be easy for the untrained person to identify the source of roof leaks. Nevertheless, giving up is not an option. Continue searching and prodding until you locate the source. If your best efforts remain largely unfruitful, do not hesitate to call a roofer to inspect and eliminate roof leaks.

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