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As you might have noticed, roof replacement estimates are not priced uniformly. Each roofing expert you speak or ask to will send you different estimates. Roof replacement is one of the most expensive upgrades you will ever make as a homeowner. Replacing a basic roof made of asphalt shingles can cost as low as $5,000. The higher end types of roofs, on the other hand, are likely to cost you more than $25,000 to replace. The price depends on several factors, which vary from one roofer to the next. These factors often include the following:

  1. Cost of materials
  2. Accessibility of the roof
  3. Pitch
  4. Size
  5. Location
  6. Type of roof

Cost of Materials

Cost of materials is different. This is because each roofing material has different qualities and features. Manufacturers charge different rates for the materials they produce. Evidently, this cost is distributed down to the end consumer. The manufacturers are different; the materials are different; so, the costs are different. Cost of materials also depends on the area or size of the roof that needs replacing. You need more materials for a large area, which will invariably increase the costs substantially.


Next factor is that of accessibility. The ease with which you can access the roof determines the cost of replacing its damaged, missing or loose shingles. Difficulty accessing the roof means the roofer has to use additional personnel and equipment. This translates into more money from your pocket since the costs increase substantially. Easy access means the roofer will take less time to climb the roof and begin working. You can make the work easier for your roofer by removing items that might affect or hinder access.


Pitch plays a substantial role in increasing or reducing roof replacement estimates. A steep roof, for example, is difficult to walk on. Subsequently, the estimates for replacing such a roof are likely to be quite high. The safety measures and labor needed to finish replacing such a roof are likely to cost a fortune to put in place. Steep roofs need quality staging to finish properly, and this calls for more money. Pitching affects the type of underlayment system installed on the roof, which also increases the estimates.


The size of the roof has a bearing on the estimates all day long. For the most part, the estimates for a small roof are quite low. The reverse is true with large roofs. However, roofers do not imagine the size of the roof. They have to show up on the site to take measurements. After that, they use this information to give you estimates. Roofers measure the roof based on square footage. They divide the number obtained by 100 to get what is commonly called the roofing square. They need this information to buy most roofing materials by the roofing square.


Location also affects the estimates. If your house is located in a remote place that is hard to access, it would be alright for you to expect high estimates. On the other hand, houses located in cities tend to attract reduced estimates. Location also has a correlation with the weather. A building located in a place where snowstorms, hurricanes, and typhoons are the norm is likely to attract higher estimates. The only solution you have to the problem of location is relocating to a less remote place or traveling to the city to buy the replacements yourself.

Type of Warranty, Roof and Roof Components

The type of roof is something you should never ignore since it affects the money you pay for the roof replacement. This factor determines the time the roofers take to remove and replace the roof. It is all about labor plus the landfill charges the roofer has to pay when disposing of wastes. Landfill charges depend on the weight of the roofing material. The type of roof is not the only thing worth concerning yourself with. Look at the roof warranty too. The different components installed on the roof can affect estimates too.



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