roofing in the winter

So winter is here or at least was 3 months ago, and you’re wondering what to do to keep your commercial roof in excellent condition, but finding the right ideas seem rather difficult. The good news is that you can do something to maintain the commercial roof. What is required is some commercial maintenance roofing tips. Winter, with its horrible weather, is capable of destroying the commercial roof. It is the worst kind of weather you can ever desire for your roof. With proper maintenance, some of the most common winter roofing issues mentioned below will not affect your commercial roof:

  1. Condensation
  2. Flashing leaks
  3. Strong winds
  4. Tree limbs
  5. Ice dams
  6. Icicles

For these problems to never arise here are the maintenance tips you should remember;

Clear the Drainage System

Clearing the drainage system before the onset of snowfall is highly advisable. The downspouts are the parts of your drainage system in need of the most attention. Over the winter, they are likely to be filled with all manner of debris. Your goal in this is to inspect and clear the downspouts. Clear, and unclogged roof drains guarantee the easy movement of water from the commercial roof. In fact, clear and unclogged drains ensure the water never stays stagnant on the roof. This reduces the likelihood of your roof suffering irreparable damages.

Inspect the Roof

Inspecting the roof is also a highly recommended maintenance tip for a commercial roof during winter. Inspection should not be limited to winter alone. It should happen as many times as is possible. The seals are worth checking for cracks. Roofing materials that are not only damaged but also loose may present new problems later. Without inspection, you might never know this until too late when the damage is too extensive and costly to repair. Inspections are not unnecessary expenses. They are mandatory for the good health of your roof.

Service the HVAC Units

Servicing the HVAC units on the roof top should be part of the regular maintenance that you provide to the commercial roof. Fortunately, this kind of work is not something you do all the time. Inspecting and servicing the HVAC units once a year is good enough. An annual servicing is highly advisable as a way of preventing the HVAC and commercial roof from experiencing a complete breakdown when the temperatures are too low in winter. The seals on the roof top need proper inspection and fixing to prevent leaks.

Inspect and Remove Ice Dams

Winter provides the right conditions for ice dams to form on the commercial roof. Winter gives icicles the conditions they need to hang from your gutters. The formation of icicles indicates the presence of ice dams. Ice dams, for their part, are capable of causing serious damages to the downspouts. Therefore, the ice dams need removing right away the moment you see them on the commercial roof. Otherwise, you will have to be ready to part with a lot of money catering or paying for some of the costliest commercial roof repairs ever undertaken.

Eliminate all Snow

One of the features of winter is snow. In the worst cases, you will have to deal with snowstorms. In this case, removing excess snow from the roof should be on top of your list of priorities. The commercial roof needs not more than 1ft of packed snow to begin suffering some damages. The more you allow the snow to remain on the roof, the more you increase the chances of commercial roofing collapsing. The best way of dealing with this issue is hiring a professional roofing contractor to remove the snow, inspect for damages and perform repairs or replacements.

These are the commercial roof maintenance tips you must practice to protect it and the building.

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